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Fable Ventures (FV): Technology Partner for Startups

Start up

Have an IDEA and wondering how to start ? We help converting IDEA into business opportunity !

We believes in cultivating idea into full fledged business model by becoming Technology & Digital Marketing Partner with

We, at Fable Ventures, partners with young Entrepreneur giving shape to their IDEA by sharing the cost of product development and channelizing the marketing efforts. Our team specializes in minimizing the technology requirement along with branding and marketing techniques in order to reduce goto market time and launch the product the soonest.

How it will work ? Idea > Product > Market > Grow !

We take from here !
Step 1 : Submit IDEA to us

Have you reasonably thought your idea
• Submit documented IDEA/wireframes synopsis
• Do you have Go to Market strategy
• Do you understand your customer

*Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed with all partners to safeguard their ideas

Step 2 : Viability analysis by our analyst !

Our team will scrutinize your idea based on various parameters such as
• IDEA analysis – Target audience, IDEA documentation, Founder’s vision
• USP of the proposed product/service
• Is this IDEA unique?
• Futuristic potential, scalability and business model

Step 3 : Agree on engagement model

We want to partner with you to realize the idea and it’s potential
• Agree on the terms and conditions of investment
• Suggest IDEA enhancement/maturity if required
• Draft a business model and exit strategy

*Fable only invests in online start-ups as this is what we are best in.

Step 4 : Develop the IDEA

Let’s get to the real work
• Identify and develop business cases and model
• Create product/services assets like designs, documentation etc.
• Develop the web product to support your IDEA

Step 5 : Market the Product/Service

Popularize your IDEA (Product/Services)
• Support in Digital Marketing
• Increase visibility on Web
• Analyze web traffic and suggest strategy for increasing foot fall

Step 6 : Product/Service enhancement (ongoing)

Keep evolving after being hit in order to be market leader
• Assist in introducing frequent new features
• Assist in adapting to new technology and upgrades

*Based on the technology agreement/exit strategy

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