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02 Jan

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We followed very simple project execution model for each assignments. This will ensure us the timely delivery of final product in qualitative manner. Our model of execution involves our team members as well as customer’s team from start to end of the total life cycle of project. This will reduce the chances of errors when final product ready for launched to the public domain.

We divide whole project in following stages :   

Stage 1 : Project finalisation

Our business manager submits project proposal with complete statement of work to customer after taking broad idea if requirements from customer. Customer review the statement of work and finalise the terms with business manager to kick off the project.

Stage 2 : Project Requirement collection

Business manager introduce Project manager who will work with customer on their project. Project manager ask all pre-requisite information of project from customer. Have multiple online conference meetings (gotometing, Skype, etc) to understand complete requirement with customer. Customer / Project owner needs to provide all requested information as well as answers of all questions so that he will understand the flow of requirement for further engagement of team of developers.

Stage 3 : Team Assignment

After requirement phase Project Manager assign required team member/s to the project and have internal team meeting to describe the project requirement detailing to them. Team will ask questions or queries if they have any.

Stage 4 : Milestone creation with time line

Project manager divide whole project SOW into different modules and each modules further grouped into milestones with time lines. So that he will able to track the progress of each product and take necessary steps if any alarming situation will going to happen with any reason.

Stage 5 : Design Phase / UI / UX Phase

Mostly all projects starts from UI phase where fable designers work closely with project owner in finalising the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the projects. It involves multiple interactions of various mock-ups with project owner.  Fable designer will get the approval on UI and he creates all related artefact which will be required in further phase of development by developers.

Stage 6 : Development & Coding Phase 

After finalisation of UI phase. All UI files assigned to development team and they start coding features of project as per project requirements. This phase is longer than all other phases as it involves multiple resources at different activities such as developers , project manager for work updates and testing team on each time of module completion.  Project owner gets complete updates with development link either weekly or as per terms of project contract. Project owner provides his feedback on each work update if they need to add new features at this stage then we manage it as additional change request and incorporate the same during development of other modules.

Stage 7 : Testing & QA

After completion of development phase. We do aggressive testing before going for final deployment. This involves cross browser testing, cross device testing, security testing, cross platform testing in case of mobile apps, etc. Developers fix the findings found during testing by testers.

Stage 8 : Final approval from client side and deployment 

We take final review and approval from project owner to make the developed project live on public domain or as required by project owner. After final deployment we do a go through testing to make sure if all links are working or fix some sort of small linking issues if any.

Stage 9 : Post development support 

Generally our all development projects contains support for 3 months. Post development we start providing support services. Support phase include all bugs related to our done work. we will fix those bugs without raising any invoice.

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01 Jan

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Here I go with first article of this new year 2016. First of all I would like to wish you & your family very happy new year, May this year will come with lots of happiness and good vibes in every area of life.

Now I come to point of this post. We all knows that in today digital world it is necessary to have online presence to present our offerings to vast crowd of on-line community. Either it is in the form of simple static website, Dynamic CMS website, Online retail eCommerce website or simple blogging platform. Today I am going to list 10 points which help us to create a check-list for new website as following :

1. Selection of types of offerings you want to take online :

It means first you need to select what form of services you would like to take online. If you provides service based business you need different strategy or if you are in product selling business then you need different things to prepare for online presence.

2. Domain name selection & registration :

In point one you already finalised what you would like to offer to your web community. So now you can easily go to any domain company for domain selection (goddady.com). You should book your domain name by taking lots of factors in mind such as if possible find out top level of domain i.e. .com, .net or .org. it should be small, it should sound some of your offerings, it should sound as brand for your business, Avoid keyword domain registrations as per latest Google update they de-promote the keyword domains, etc. When you find domain name suits to your business then book it in your name and email id. Please avoid asking web development agencies to book domain for you to avoid any further conveniences. Always book domain yourself and keep it safe with you.

3. Design your logo :

Based on you domain name section. Please ask your creative agency to design logo for you. Logo designing is important for every business as it represent your brand stamp on your customers. You need to tell your preferred colour schema to creative developer so that he will design your logo in those themes.

4. Analyse your competitor web presence :

Go through all your competitor websites who provides similar types of offerings and see what they have in there website and what more you can make in your new website to make unique from them-self. this will also help you to see there digital marketing efforts and gives you more ideas for your digital marketing campaigns when your new website will ready. After completion of your analysis prepare below things for your development agency.

5. Ready your top navigation of website :

Prepare the sitemap structure for your website such as Home, About us, Services, Work, Contact us. Make it as detail as possible it will help your website agency in development of website and it contains total flow of website structure. It defines total number of pages you need in your new website. This will also helps you to reduce number of extra pages or increase required number of pages.

6. Draft list of functionalities you like in your new website :

Prepare list of features you want in your new website like business enquiry form for lead information collection, newsletter subscription form, user registration module, etc. Make it as detail as possible so that it will help your development agency to understand the requirement and develop the same as needful.

7. Social media profile creation :

Create social media profiles on all required social media profiles and create the profile links and give the same to your development agency to link it on new website.

8. Website should be mobile responsive :

Your new website should open properly on different size of desk and mobile devices. you need to pre inform your development agency that you need mobile responsive website.

9. Review interim updates from your development agency and provide further inputs for completion of website.

10. Selection of hosting servers as per your need.

Select hosting packages based on your expected traffic you believed to be come on your website in initial months.
There are many different hosting packages having hosting space, bandwidth, number of emails, linux / windows based, etc. Your development agency will help you in selecting proper hosting packages.

You can contact Fable Technologies. Fable technologies is amazing website designing agency in India. They are providing web & mobile expertise since last seven years and have very good track record. You can email your requirement at sales@fabletechnologies.com .

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31 Dec

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A New year A New Start and Way to Go ! We begin this new year with new offerings and new structure of our current services. May this will bring new energy in our team to serve customers with more professionalism and value for money services in qualitative way.

May this new year brings all happiness and new road of positive thoughts to gather good vibes of health, wealth, life to everyone in the world.

Happy New Year & thanks for all your support during these years !

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Internet shopping
28 Nov

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As every body knows now a days ecommerce is a booming industry in and around of the world. So if you have products to sell online or planning to jump into this business then this post is helpful for you. You can be setup ecommerce business in two different models i.e. business-to-customer(B2C) and business-to-business-customer (B2B2C)Market Place). Choice is yours which way you want to go. Both models have its merits & demerits. That I will share in detail in other post.

So Following are the few steps which will be helpful to launch your first eCommerce business on-line :

Step 1 : Selecting product or niche of product to sell online. 

Analyse different niche of products categories in terms of it’s availability, margins, logistic feasibility, competitor sellers on-line. In my opinion products sell better in the range of Rs. 1000 – Rs. 5000 online. Alibaba is a good sourcing engine of products just if any body want to source products in bulk & cheap. Some vendors on Alibaba exports in minimum quantity also.

Step 2 : Source product inventory.

Source selected product inventory to keep it in-house or tie up with different supplier to drop ship your order once order comes to you on your website. Both model have challenges and merits of their own. Keeping inventory require huge investment whether there is less margins when your order completed through drop shipper. So this is your say you can go with any of model which is more suitable to you.

Step 3 : Set Business Name / Domain Name & All legal compliance. 

After selection of what to sell and how to source them. Now it’s time to register a new domain name which should be short, meaningful and brand able. for example decorfy.com which sounds something related to home décor business and it can easily be brand able. you can register domain name from any domain company like godaddy.com etc. new domain can run under existing business name or you can register new business name in govt. authorities. All check with your local authorities what will be the taxation compliance of VAT / GST etc as per your location of business.

Step 4 : Ready your promotional and support printable media’s.

Get ready your logo design and then content format for visiting cards, product packaging, product labels, envelopes, shipping labels, letter heads, flyers. Find any good printer to get printed on respective media so that when you get your first order you are all set to go with all professional matters. These things also represent your brand to your customer so be careful in designing these things.

Step 5 : Set your social media profiles & under construction page on domain. 

Register your new name profile pages on all known social media’s such as Facebook, twitter, pininterest, Google plus, etc. So that when you are ready to launch your website you will not face non availability of your business name on profiles. Also start talking about your product on social media by post and articles. So that you will get good audience on launch of your website. Set a good under construction landing page on domain with a email collection form so that people will get register their email to receive notifications when you launch your website.

Step 6 : Time is for your website design & development.

Now you need to setup your ecommerce website where you list all your products with details & descriptions to sell them. For this you need to hire professional team either in your local or from offshore countries like India. Working with offshore company will be lighter for you interns of budget. Any good offshore company can design & develop eCommerce website with in $2000 – $5000. (Fable Technologies @fabletech    is an offshore development company who have very good expertise in design & development of ecommerce website) . In this step you need to make arrangement of account of payment gateway registration, SMS company registration and logistic account (optional). So that hired team will integrate these services into your website. Process of developing website will take around 4 – 6 weeks. So starting early will be beneficial.

Step 7 : Preparing product photographs. 

In the meantime when developer team is in busy in developing your website, You need to procure professional photographs of your products. Either you shoot them yourself or hire professional photographer to shoot for you. Photos are the heart of any ecommerce website because it is only a medium to show feel to the customers. Photographs in white background work well with every kind of products, it highlights the product pic and make whole website consistent to look.

Step 8 : Develop product inventory list with detail specs & description.

Now your website structure and all photo graphs of products been ready at this point. Use any inventory software or simple excel sheet to record all details of products such as SKU no., Product Name, Product Category / Sub Category, Product Photograph, Product Description, Products specs like Size, Qty in stock, Colour attributes, Price, Special Price, Discounts, Sourcing destination, Tax percentage etc as per your product line. This sheet is necessary to keep records of all your present product inventory which is used to upload same inventory on website, your store department full fill coming orders through this list only, help in planning stock measures when to source and what to source more, etc. This is first step to automate your inventory section, there after you can use any best inventory as you scale in your business.

Step 9 : Upload product details into website.

By using above prepared inventory list first setup category / subcategory list in your website back end. Then you can upload products under those categories manually or by import & export method. Please make sure you can put as detail as much as possible because website is your business showroom it makes first and last impression on your website customers.

Step 10 : Integrate all third party resources such as payment & sms processor.

Now it is a time to integrate all third party tech tools in website before we launch our website to public domain. We need to integrate payment processor to process online card (Credit/Debit Card) & bank account (Internet banking) payments. There are several companies available to provide these services like payumoney, paytm, payu, ccavenue, etc. Payment processor companies takes around 1 week to 2 week to verify all your documents and provide the merchant account after all due compliance. If you like to update your customer on each order processing step through SMS then you will need to register with sms processor companies too. After integration of these services please make sure they are working right so do the test run by running test transactions on website. If there is any glitch do fix this before going to live. Also you need a good hosting server to host your ecommerce website. you can select level of server yourself as per your need or target audience. If your audience will be less in next few months after launch or you on low budget then can opt for shared hosting but recommended solution is dedicated server. You can find good packages at hostgtor.com, hostgator.in, etc.

Step 11 : Now get set and go Live ……

All set now to go live to public. Draft a strategy for your first launch like any corporate launch it’s new product in market or events. Few suggestions are new launch discount coupons,  special discount on some defined amount of purchase, free gifts with each orders for initial period, etc. Now launch on live domain and start playing show for 24×7 all around the time.

After launch of your new ecommerce website, it’s time to start formulating and implementation of various digital marketing techniques. There are many approaches in digital marketing subject which I will cover in next post soon.

If you need professional ecommerce website development company you can reach Fable Technologies @ www.fabletechnologies.com. they are amazing guys in the field of ecommerce projects.

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14 Aug

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Wish you all Happy Independence day from entire fabilians – Fable Team. We are proud on great humans who sacrifices their life for this day. Jai Hind !

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04 Aug

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A Sales Funnel always needed by every business for sustain and profitability in marketing area. The process of creating sales funnel start from collecting leads of potential customer by offering them some low cost advice, product & services. This low cost facility make customer to sign up with you as a potential contact, You can further engage them by sending new offers, newsletter, industry news, etc.

At one stage you segregate them as per their response for different types of services & products which ranges from low price to high price offerings.

Structure of proper sales funnel in simple artefact as following :



Attract Leads / gathering customer interest : 

This portion covers efforts need to do to make interest of your customer into your services/products mentioned on your website.

  • Landing Pages – Website / Facebook / Third Party tools
  • Blog post that offer free offers / advice.
  • Brand awareness
  • Press releases
  • Paid PPC / Social media campaign
  • Directory listing in premium directories
  • Google Adwords
  • Search Engine Optimisation – your website will be accessible on your targeted business keywords.
  • Publish content on other websites


Free Services / Products ( your offerings which is useful for your customer) :

This portion describe various alternative which you can offer to your customer in exchange of their contact details.

  • Case studies on different industries
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • E-courses / E-pdf’s on tips & tricks
  • Third party resources for productive business
  • Free mock-ups, templates, etc
  • Free reports like SEO audit, etc
  • Free webinars, consultations, information, etc


Low cost items ( Products / Services ) : 

You need to offer low cost services / products so that potential customer can try business relation ship with in reasonable cost and no worries for loses. By this you can gain trust of you customers.

  • Service / product specific workshop
  • Consulting packages
  • Service packages
  • Membership subscription
  • Maintenance packages
  • Reports selling


Medium to high cost offerings : 

Customers hire you for large projects or ongoing maintenance contract, you’re selling them your medium to high priced services. These are the customers you want most of all; they pay you well for your offerings and also give you valuable experience to build your brand (portfolio) of work experience.

  • Consulting contract
  • Monthly ongoing projects
  • Resellers who gives regular work to you
  • Project development for longer duration
  • Projects needs high skilled expertise, etc.


Conclusion : 

Every business needs to optimise their sales funnel for sustainability and profitability. sales funnel is a projection which refines your plan for further improvement and scalability. If we concentrate on four steps above and optimise them as per nature of our product and services we defiantly busy in serving our customer instead of looking for them to work with us.

Website & Digital Marketing is a key of this process. If you want any assistance you can contact here  : Web Designing Company or mail at sales at fabletechnologies . com

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03 Aug

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Have an IDEA and wondering how to start ?

We help converting IDEA into business opportunity !
We believes in cultivating idea into full fledged business model by becoming Technology & Digital Marketing Partner with Start-ups.

We, at Fable Ventures, partners with young Entrepreneur giving shape to their IDEA by sharing the cost of product development and channelizing the marketing efforts. Our team specializes in minimizing the technology requirement along with branding and marketing techniques in order to reduce goto market time and launch the product the soonest.

How it will work ? Idea > Product > Market > Grow !

For more details visit : http://www.fabletechnologies.com/fable-startup-investment-program.html

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03 Aug

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Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. In the next five years, we’ll likely need to design for a number of additional inventions. When will the madness stop? It won’t, of course.

Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market.

Fable technologies provide various responsive packages : http://www.fabletechnologies.com/promotion.html

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